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To the opening of an exhibition… (excerpts)

“… Artists burn at a higher temperature than common men. We could experience: they often pass away sooner. Their burnt, never apathetic, water-rich body is being scorched into ashes by the continuously blazing flame.

Through thousands of years, as human beings crouched around the fire we could see a million times: the air warmed by fire, flies towards the heavens, scarcely obeying the current direction of the wind. There is no wind to reign over the smutty wood, wherever it blows and swirls, it just strengthens the ambers.

… Then you suddenly walk along Király Street, enter the bright glass-door of the art gallery, stride down the spiral staircase to the casket, and abruptly find yourself in a sanctuary ornamented with colorful glass windows.

As if gold powder had covered the canvases hung on the walls. Blazing reds, dazzlingly shining yellows, heart-beater painful blues and moss-smooth greens glow. Paradisiac idyll, splendor, Golden Age… Fruit-ripener sunrays, fire that warms the world and our hearts…

Csaba Csendes is a furtive artist, a painter who hides his secrets, and never reveals them. He frames his visions, thoughts spouting like brooks from the ground to show the particles of his secrets in fragments for the ones who are eager to put together the pieces of the puzzle of his whole life. He desires to widen the world from floor to ceiling with his strokes. He wants to cut into our flesh with his brush to hurt us until bleeding, to pin us on sunray-stem, to make us painfully feel the blaze of his fire.

Csaba Csendes makes the pile from his brushes on his palette, rekindles it with the fire of the sun, then lures the people around it, who are cold in soul, but warm in longing.

In his place and name I welcome you Ladies and Gentlemen, who have gathered around his fire.”


András Nagy Bandó - Art Gallery, April 12th 2007, Pécs, Hungary